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Untitled-Artwork (52).JPG

"The Hermit": *DISCOUNTED-leftover from event*

Starting price: $450 at 6.5in long minimum (originally $650)

Blackwork or Color, best for upper arm, thigh, or side of calf

Untitled-Artwork (48).jpg
Untitled-Artwork (47).jpg

Fairy Glyphs:

Biggies: Starting price $200 at 4x

(Great for chest, forearm and back of neck placements!)

Lil Guys: Starting price $120 at 2.5 x 2.5 

(Great for chest, wrist, ankle and back of neck placements!

*these are some newer, experimental designs based off meditative sketching.

Always happy to do customs!*

(For a more exact estimate, please include size/placement info in your inquiry email!)

Tarot Omamori (The Star & The Sun) & "Ace of Cups"

*DISCOUNTED -leftover from event*:

Starting prices:

Blackwork, 4x4 minimum, $250 (originally $370)

Color, 4x4 minimum, $280 (originally $370)

Arms and Legs only

lucky 7 flash.jpg
lucky 7 flash.jpg
Untitled-Artwork (45).jpg
Untitled-Artwork (44).jpg

Random Jammers:

Can be tattooed in color or as blackwork. 

Price dependent on size and placement

General estimate: $120-$350

(For a more exact estimate, please include size/placement/color info in your inquiry email!)

updated kitties.jpg

Spooky Kitties:

$200-$350 size dependent

updated halloween.jpg

Nostalgic Halloween:

Candies, Deadman's toe, Bats, Autumn Leaf

Starting at shop min, $120

Hocus Pocus Witch loli, "I got a Rock" Charlie Brown, Zero, Broom, Candy Apply, Rotten Jack-O-Lantern, Pumpkin light, Wednesday, Count Chocula, Vamp Teeth 

$180-300 Size Dependent

Sanrio updated.jpg


Pumpkin Kitty, Gudetama, Cinnamonroll

$150-$300 size dependent 

My Melody, Kuromi, Aggretsuko 

$200-$300 size dependent

2021 Leftovers!

$100-$300, Priced by Size, Color Negotiable

updated 2021 flash.jpg
updated valentines.jpg
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