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Book With Me!

Skin Gallery Tattooing & Body Piercing 

1402 Ogden Ave Downers Grove IL, 60515


All booked for January Customs, thanks for keeping my busy <3 

*I have a few slots left reserved for flash, small-medium color ideas &  finishing ongoing projects*

February books open Jan 22, 2022

You can send a custom request at any time by emailing me! (Link Above ^ )

I open my books in the middle/end of every month, and respond until all of my time slots are filled. Once I'm booked, I update it here and on Instagram. Flash, pre-drawns, and work that I feel fits the style and the direction of my artwork will generally take priority, but I do my best to make sure it's first come first serve. 

I try to only book 4-6 weeks at a time for organizational purposes.

If you send me a message during a time period where I am not scheduling, your message will be queued for me to return when my books reopen :)

In your message, please include:

  • A detailed description of what you'd like tattooed

  • Info on placement, size in inches, and color 

  • Images of any references you may have

  • Image of the placement if we are working around pre-existing tattoos  

  • If you are under any budget restrictions

  • Any additional personal info you feel may be important before we book together!


-By the piece for small/simple designs that I estimate to take less than 4 hours.

Generally applies to pieces 3x3 or smaller 

($120 minimum, and will typically range from $120-350)

-$90 an hour for anything I project to take 4 hours or more hours.

*No hand, face or finger tattoos!

*Not at the skill level to do any realism yet. 

*I am just now starting to dabble with smooth "black & grey" shading. If you'd like to discus doing a simple black and grey piece at a discounted rate, shoot me a message!

Flash & Pre Drawns:

Flash is always first-come-first, no repeats!

See something you dig on the up for grabs or flash tab?

Let me know which one you’d like to do, and where you’d like to put it.

Please also provide pictures of the area if you have other tattoos we will be working around.

Edits to Flash:

I’m open to making minor changes to most designs, within reason.

If something you like has already been claimed, I am generally happy to redraw a similar custom piece for you!


See pricing listed on "Up For Grabs" page.

***Please, DO NOT send piercing questions and inquires to this email address our through this site!

Those are handled separately by the shop at


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