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-I price by the piece for smaller, more simple designs.

Upon booking, you may request an estimate.

$150 minimum 

-I price hourly for most work that I anticipate to be more detailed, in a style that requires more time, is larger, or in a more challenging placement. Upon booking, you may request a time estimate.

$150 an hour

Deposit: Once we have consulted via email or in person and have chosen a date, I will send you the deposit link which is a secure checkout through Square. This is the only way I take deposits. Your deposit is your appointment placeholder - without it, I do not draw & I do not put you into my calendar! Deposits will range from $80-$180 depending on the size and duration of the tattoo/appointment. They are non refundable, but do go toward your total cost! I allow 1 roll-over, meaning if you have to re-schedule, as long as you contact me within 48 hours of your appointment, I will push it to the new slot for no additional fee. Similarly, if I call out for any reason, I will not charge a new deposit and will roll your existing deposit to a new date. 

Flash & Pre Drawns:

My flash is categorized as "Repeatable Flash" and "One Offs".

One Offs are one of a kind designs, made to be tattooed only once.

Repeatable flash are designs that I reserve the right to tattoo multiple times on different people, as per tattoo tradition. 

See something you dig on the up for grabs or flash tab?

Let me know which one you’d like to do, and where you’d like to put it.

Please also provide pictures of the area if you have other tattoos we will be working around.

Edits to Flash:

I’m open to making minor changes to most designs.

If something you like has already been claimed, I am generally happy to redraw a similar custom piece for you!

Flash Pricing: 

Size and placement dependent, please email me a screenshot or description of which one you want, and where you want to put it! 

Can I book for a tiny tattoo/ shop minimum tattoos?

Yes! While I do prioritize larger work & pre-drawns, I'm happy to do smaller ones through appointment.

I am also available for Walk-Ins sporadically and usually make an announcement on Instagram/ the studios Instagram if I have any same day or same week openings! 

Are there body parts you don't tattoo?

No face, ear, behind the ear, skull, finger or toe tattoos at this time!

Are there styles you don't tattoo?

I do not do single needle fine line, micro-portraits, realism/ hyperrealism in color or black and grey, or custom lettering. The styles I currently enjoy are illustrative blackwork, neo-traditional, neo-asian, black and grey illustrative realism!

Do I have to tip?

I know this is a confusing and controversial topic in service industries. After getting asked so often what a "good" tip is, and what is "normal", I'd like to give my own personal feedback on this to clear up any anxiety and uncertainty when it comes time to settle up.

Tips are always appreciated, by never expected <3

I do my best to price my tattoos at what they are worth. In the past, I have done a lot of discounting and last minute price cutting. In aims to aid my clients in the budgeting process, I will be refraining from this moving forward and will be sticking firmly to my hourly rates and estimates. 

When I give estimates, I do my best to stick within close range to them unless dramatic design changes or additions need to be made.

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